Urban, tough with a heart.

Mercedes is a force on the screen all her own.


Mercedes is a Dominican born Actor, Writer, and Director, and Podcast Host. I grew up in the neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY. She was a hipster before it was hip. She draws her inspiration for her characters and stories from her Dominican and Puerto Rican communities.  I am passionate about creating sacred spaces that foster dialogue. I developed her writing under Allen Davis III and his playwriting unit, Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre writing Unit, and New Federal/Henry Street Unit under Woodie King Jr.  Mercedes has written and directed several short plays and films, most of which have socially conscious themes.  My play, “Pelo Malo” touches on self hated beliefs and embracing the journey of “natural hair”. My most recent play, ‘Waiting Room”, touches on gentrification and its effects on the people who were living there before. I was part of the Sundance screenwriting online pilot program. I also co-wrote a  romantic comedy with her best friend, called  "Angel Whispers".  Her most recent writing piece chosen out of hundreds of submissions as one of Billie Holiday Theatre's 50in50 writers for their "Love in the time of Corona" series read by Lisa Arrindell. I made her TV acting debut on “The Village" on NBC.


My podcast Rocio and Mercedes focuses on embracing and celebrating blackness in the Dominican community.

2010 - present

2010 - present